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Akmis Child Safety, Care, Health And Protection Policy

“All forms of physical and/or emotional ill-treatment, sexual abuse, neglect or negligent treatment orcommercial or other exploitation, resulting in actual or potential harm to the child’s health, survival,development or dignity in the context of a relationship of responsibility, trust or power are cases of child maltreatment.” (WHO, n.d.)

At AKMIS the wellbeing of each and every student is valued and supported by a well-structured policy. We aim to develop the best in individuals and educate our students to grow into well rounded and contributing members of society. It means supporting the children for holistic evelopment including an academic achievement along with cognitive, social, emotional and physical wellbeing.

At AKMIS every employee of the school is a local guardian for each and every child specifically students of our school. Head of school shall be responsible for ensuring overall safety, care, health and protection of students.

AKMIS ensures that all children at its premises including transportation, shall be protected against bullying and all sorts of abuse (sexual, mental, emotional, physical…) so they can grow and develop in a safe and secure environment. Educators, having the opportunity to observe and interact with children over time, are in a unique position to identify those who are in need of help and protection. When a child needs help and protection, educators have a professional and ethical obligation to intervene so that children receive the support and assistance they may require and families may obtain services that will remedy situations posing a threat to the child’s welfare, including physical, sexual and/or emotional abuse and neglect.
A five members’ committee shall be formed every year to ensure the implementation of this policy. This will
include representatives from management, parent, Students along with respective academic coordinators. The
committee shall be led by head of school.
1. We Have zero-tolerance policy against cases of bullying.
2. Safety at Bus / Transportation
a. The school ensures that busses shall not be carrying more students than its capacity.
b. A safety medical shall be placed.
c. There shall be a caretaker in all the buses (must be a lady caretaker in case girl child traveling), who travels for all the trips.
d. Care tacker shall be responsible to make sure child safety in the bus.
e. Any incidence no matter how minor it is shall be brought in to the notice of counselor/ Head of School.
3. Safety at School Campus.
a. Teachers and students shall be having regular sessions on a better understanding of this policy.
b. Appropriate posters shall be displayed.
c. The entire campus is covered with CCTV security system.
d. Within the class, it is the responsibility of homeroom teachers/subject teachers for proper implementation of the policy
e. School counselor shall be the first point of contact for counseling of students.
f. Any incidence of bullying no matter how minor it is shall be brought in to the notice of counselor/ Head of School.
g. Prompt and appropriate action shall be taken by the head of school in case of bullying.
4. Safety at the Playground
a. Students shall be accompanied by PE teachers and sport assistants.
b. A medical kit needs to be carried by the PE teacher.
c. PE Teacher shall be responsible for the safety and care of Students.
d. Any incidence needs to be reported immediately to the respective head and finally to head of school.
5. Health and medical emergency
a. The school shall maintain an infirmary with a trained nurse.
b. In case of an emergency where medication is required parent consent shall be taken.
6. Fire Safety
a. The school shall maintain fire safety protocol.
b. Fire safety station including appropriate equipments shall be installed appropriately at all the floors.
c. The fire department shall be involved regularly to conduct fire safety workshops and fire drills.
d. Fire exits shall be remains open with proper labeling.
7. Safety against Natural Disasters
a. A proper evacuation plan shall be drafted and documented.
b. Frequents workshops shall be conducted to make the student understand the evacuation plan.
c. Regular evacuation drills shall be conducted.
At AKMIS we assure the complete safety of a child with zero tolerance to any abuse and bullying.